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Spoon Fork Bacon takes over our Instagram feed

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It's slightly cruel that the New Year starts in January.

While most of the country is trudging through the cold, valiantly attempting to keep resolutions afloat, Southern California is basically hanging out in the sunshine eating avocados and asking if you'd like another margarita.

To get a taste of the good life, we handed our Instagram feed over to the ladies of L.A.-based Spoon Fork Bacon, one of our favorite sites for healthy recipes and lovely food styling. Check out their tips and recipes for keeping it fresh and look out for their third cookbook, The Perfect Egg, out March 3.

Hey, everybody! It's @spoonforkbacon, and we are here to take over @tastingtable's Instagram account for the day! Today we are going to share some of our favorite tips for keeping things fresh (edibly and in life) for January. Join us! — @spoonforkbacon

It's hard to believe these are real. Watermelon radishes are the Cinderella of radishes. We love to roast these with a little olive oil and lemon for an easy side or add them to salads for some extra crunch. — @spoonforkbacon

​This is our watercress salad with a green apple vinaigrette. You can find the recipe on our blog, spoonforkbacon.com. It's one of our favorite light salads! — @spoonforkbacon

​These are Tea Eggs, a recipe that can be found in our new book, #ThePerfectEgg, out March 3. These are basically eggs boiled in a soy marinade and make the perfect healthy and savory snack! — @spoonforkbacon

​Passion fruit is one of our favorite things to add to yogurt when we are craving something sweet. To pick the best passion fruit, look for a fruit with some weight. The more wrinkles the better! It should smell amazingly fragrant. — @spoonforkbacon

​One way that makes eating salads easier is to make sure they are gorgeous. We love making citrus salads. This one is garnished with basil, fennel, and pine nuts. — @spoonforkbacon

​Fresh black-eyed peas in winter . . . California, you're awesome. We love adding them to other fresh ingredients for a nice and filling salad. — @spoonforkbacon

We made this quinoa burger inspired by In-N-Out Burger, special sauce and all! Find the recipe for our Big Veg Burger on spoonforkbacon.com. — @spoonforkbacon