Modern Teapots, Infusers And More For Teatime

Kettles, infusers, mugs and more for teatime

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If we were across the pond, this would be a more solemn affair, complete with fancy china and tiers of delicate pastries.

Though we have no qualms with going traditional (and are pretty sure the only people still having such tea services are limited to those in the Buckingham circles), we skew a little more modern in regard to our tea gear.

And by a little, we mean infusers shaped like deep-sea divers, to-go tumblers (the horror!), Neoprene-covered teapots and sugar bowls that would make the Jetsons proud.

Kinto Couture Double Wall Knit Cup

Match your tea break to your Fair Isle sweater., $20

Photo: Courtesy of AllModern

Kikkerland Jacques the Diver Tea Infuser

Who said teatime had to be serious? Lighten things up with a deep-sea diver-turned-infuser., $15

Photo: Courtesy of Kikkerland

Karmi Tea Canister

Keep leaves fresh in this traditional Japanese container with a lid that doubles as a measuring cup. Before you roll your eyes at the price, know this: Each one is handmade on a wood-turning lathe, lacquered five to 10 times and takes about a year to complete., $192

Photo: Courtesy of Rikumo

Normann Copenhagen Tea Strainer

It may look simple, but this silicone-and-metal contraption is a mini design marvel. The silicone top holds in heat, has a handle so you don't burn your fingers when removing and flips up to act as a saucer for the metal infuser. Even better, it can be used for single cups or entire pots., $26.50

Photo: Courtesy of Normann Copenhagen

I-Wares I-Teapot and I-Tea Set

Go pinkies up for a traditional china set made cheeky by a bright pop of color. And don't forget the cucumber sandwiches.

teapot,, $57.50; tea set,, $44 each

Photos: Courtesy of Y Living

Tom Dixon Form Sugar Bowl & Spoon

Had the Jetsons lived in London and partook in tea service, you can bet this snazzy gold-washed set would be on the tray., $100

Photo: Courtesy of Hive Modern

Eva Solo Tea Maker with Neoprene Cover

Bring your tea game into the 21st century with a carafe-style vessel with a removable steeper (no one likes a bitter brew); a tip-up lid for drip-free pouring; and a snazzy scuba-style, zip-up Neoprene cover to keep the tea toasty., $90

Photo: Courtesy of Eva Solo

Metal Tea Bag Tea Infuser

Your palate may have moved past tea dust-filled bags, but there's something nostalgically sweet about the little guys. Harken back with a metal version of the classic shape that you can fill with your own blend., $30

Photo: Courtesy of MoMA Store

Clear Double Wall Glass Tea Tumbler

Rushing around is no excuse for subpar tea. Bring your blend on the road with a mug that not only has a built-in infuser but also double insulation to keep it hot., $16

Photo: Courtesy of Stash Tea

Palais des Thés Small Paper Filters with Stick

Take a 10-minute T.O. wherever you may find yourself and brew a cup with lightweight, biodegradable filters., $6 for 100

Photo: Courtesy of Palais des Thés

Tea Time for Two

Tea parties aren't just for 8-year-old girls. Have a quaint party for two with delicate, royal blue cups., $39

Photo: James Ransom/Courtesy of Food52

More & Co. Essential Glass Cannisters

Those dried blooms and fruit deserve to be seen. Show them off while keeping them fresh in understated jars that seal with a rubber rim., $25-$28

Photo: Courtesy of More & Co.

Piao I Multiple Infusions Teapot

If you're going to splurge on top-quality leaves, make sure you get every last sip out of 'em with a teapot designed for brewing several times., $30

Photo: Courtesy of Mighty Leaf Tea

CB2 Tea Stick

Play chemist with your leaves by steeping them in this tube., $12

Photo: Courtesy of CB2

Japanese Enamel Kettle

Nothing wrong with an old-school kettle, especially when it's a crisply white, minimalist version with beechwood accents., $155

Photo: Courtesy of Poketo

Ferm Living Triangle Tea Cozy

Keep your kettle toasty with a modern, graphic-printed warmer., $35

Photo: Courtesy of Burke Decor

Leaf Tea Nest Strainer

Rest this handsome wooden strainer atop your cup for a traditional method of brewing a single serving., $15

Photo: Courtesy of Tea Chai Té

Era Glass Mugs with Porcelain Handles

Porcelain mugs? Glass ones? Meet in the middle and go for both., $44 for six

Photo: Courtesy of Burke Decor

Garde Shop Creamer and Sugar Set

You may prefer your cuppa straight up, but it's good manners to set out some milk and sugar for company. (Gram would be proud.), $360 for the set

Photo: Courtesy of Garde Shop

Perfectea Rock Sugar

Avoid a cloyingly sweet brew with this subtle sweetener. Plus, it's a lot more interesting to put out than standard white crystals., $8.50

Photo: Courtesy of Teavana