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Prepare a feast with recipes from Lagostina

Italians know how to make a holiday meal into a celebration: They always seem to find the perfect combination of what's on the table and the folks who gather around it.

So it should come as no surprise that Lagostina, an Italian company started by a father and son in 1901, crafts impeccable, beautiful cookware using premium materials and cutting-edge technology. Plus, a lifetime guarantee will ensure plenty of shared meals and celebrations to come.

This holiday season make a cozy meal to share with your closest friends and family with Lagostina pans. Here are a few recipes to get your menu started:

Seared Squid (see the recipe): Heat up an Axia 10-inch skillet to sear fresh squid, then serve atop a lemony artichoke salad for a bright, fresh start to the meal.

Garganelli Pasta with Scallops (see the recipe): For the main event, deploy an Axia six-quart Pastaiola pot to achieve perfect al dente garganelli pasta and combine with sautéed scallops, green beans and cherry tomatoes.

Tricolor Peperonata (see the recipe): Complement the hearty main with this vibrant side dish, an easy-to-make combination of peppers, capers and onions steamed cleanly in a Bianca Covered Stewpot.