You've Got Spirit

Learn the Five S's of mixology

Kindly put the margarita mix down.

When it comes to mixology, there's much more to creating a cocktail than just splashing a mixer over your spirit of choice. To turn mixing a cocktail into a sensory experience, consider the Five S's: See, Stir or Shake, Smell, Sip and Savor (see the slideshow).

Each element is important for building the perfect drink. You're creating an experience for yourself and guests, so consider your glassware and the type of ice you're using—martinis should be in martini glasses.

As for Smell, think of building your cocktail like a fragrance, much like the enjoyable aromas of Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Fragrance. It has top notes of melon, fresh cucumber and tangerine—ingredients you should keep in mind when creating light, fruity cocktails. Dab on Ralph Lauren Polo Blue for a study in fragrance perfection. Just like a great cocktail, it's about the entire experience.

For more information on the Five S's of mixology, check out our slideshow and remember: You can always be a better drinker.


① See

Take note of the colors, hues and textures of your spirits and mixers. You want everything to blend together seamlessly and look beautiful in your glassware of choice.

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Fragrance

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Fragrance

When entertaining, add a dash of Ralph Lauren Polo Blue fragrance to your routine. It's inspired by the freedom of the big blue sky, fresh air and everything else that is pure, clear and wonderful.

Stir or Shake

② Stir or Shake

There is a big difference here. Classic drinks such as Negronis and Martinis should always be vigorously stirred, and most cocktails can do with a generous shake—just make sure you have the proper gear on hand.


③ Smell

This one is almost as important as taste. Find out if your spirits are sweet, rich or distilled beforehand, and mix them accordingly. You're also looking for what's not there, so if something feels like it's missing, it probably is.


④ Sip

When tasting your cocktail, take two small sips: The first is to clear your palate, and the second is to really experience the taste. Roll the drink around in your mouth to cover all your taste buds and tweak accordingly.


⑤ Savor

This one is the easy part. After carefully considering all elements of your cocktail, you're now ready to savor a delicious, meticulously crafted drink. Cheers.

Build Your Own Cocktail Experience

When crafting the perfect cocktail, be sure to consider every detail. With top notes of melon, cucumber and tangerine, Ralph Lauren Polo Blue fragrance naturally complements any fruit-forward libation. Experience it for yourself.