Get Your Hands Dirty

Time to acknowledge a universal truth: Making a big old mess in the kitchen is a great time, especially when you're whipping up something delicious.

But no matter how much you get on your countertops, here's a game-changer: Delta's new line of Touch2O faucets for the kitchen. Just tap the spout or handles (try the superhandy elbow tap) and rid your hands of glorious sauces and grease. It's much more fun to embrace the happy messes in life—after all, they're a sign of a life well lived.

Need some untidy inspiration for dinner tonight? Here are some ideas to get deliciously messy:

· Consider slurping freshly Steamed Mussels with Tasso Ham and Spring Onions (see the recipe) in a creamy PBR-infused broth. Will it get everywhere? Sure. Do you care? Not one bit.

· Or try Pastrami Cheese Fries (see the recipe). Anything you eat with your hands is bound to get all over.

· Finally, dive hands-first into this buttery Lobster Roll (see the recipe). (It is the season, after all.)

Then go to town. #HappiMess is...a full belly and knowing that cleanliness is just a tap away.