The Best Platters, Casserole Dishes, Serveware And More For Thanksgiving 2014

The best serveware for your Thanksgiving table

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An immense amount of planning goes into preparing a Thanksgiving feast.

But since you eat with your eyes first, don't leave your table out of the fun. Make sure guests want to gobble up every last slice of turkey, heaping forkful of mashed potato and sliver of pie with these gorgeous serving and tabletop pieces.

We've rounded up more than 20 items, ranging in design from classic to modern, that can make even the most trying meal with relatives into a beautiful affair. Check out all of the pieces here.

You're welcome.

Turkey Placemats


Gobble up your gobbler on a (conveniently) disposable paper placemat., $28 for 50 

Photo: Courtesy of Give Simple 

Mauviel Copper Tri-Ply Roaster

With an aluminum core and copper exterior, this roaster is as functional in the oven as it is beautiful on the table. or, $270

Photo: Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Heraldic Butter Dish

Because no matter how much you put in the mashed potatoes, there should always be a stick on the table., $28 

Photo: Courtesy of Anthropologie

Galaxy Brass Trivet

Put your heaviest bowl atop this brass number (Aunt Betty's surprise casserole, perhaps?). Made by Japan's oldest metal manufacturers, it's solid brass with rubber feet for good measure., $100

Photo: Courtesy of Poketo

Berti Cutlery Carving Set

Cut down to the (wish)bone with an elegant Italian carving set made with ox horn handles. or, $750-$755

Photo: Courtesy of Barneys New York

Gold Glazed Cake Stand 

Elevate a humble pie—whether you prefer pumpkin, pecan or apple—on a porcelain-and-metallic stand. or, $95-$96

Photo: Courtesy of Biscuit

Trot Turkey Candleholder 

Instead of putting a bird on it, put festive tea lights in a bird-shaped holder., $10 

Photo: Courtesy of CB2

Luna Sauce Boat, Spoon & Trivet 

Gravy spills, be gone: This sleek porcelain sauce server comes with a handy wooden spoon, which will ensure optimal gravy-to-stuffing delivery., $75 

Photo: Courtesy of Jamie Oliver at Home

Grano Round Cutting Boards

Trim Brussels sprouts on handcrafted slabs of acacia wood, or use them to serve hors d'oeuvres before the big event., $57 

Photo: Courtesy of Collyer's Mansion

Horn Vase

It's a cornucopia. And, scene., $425

Photo: Courtesy of Frances Palmer Pottery

Gold-Dipped Spreaders

Even your aunt's cream cheese and red-pepper jelly creation will look elegant with gold-accented teak spreaders., $36 

Photo: Courtesy of Terrain

Grail Cassoulet

Feel #grateful with all the emojis emblazoned on this playful-but-gorgeous terra-cotta cassoulet, perfect for that equally tongue-in-cheek side dish, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, $295

Photo: Courtesy of Grain Design

Gold Pie Serving Set

Make sure every slice is golden., $31

Photo: Courtesy of West Elm

Coimbra Tureen

Half the fun of Thanksgiving is the sides. House your favorite (our vote is brown butter mashed potatoes) in a stately tureen covered with paintings of fowl., $225 

Photo: Courtesy of Arhaus

Metal Acorn Tray

Guests will go nuts for bites like kabocha squash toasts served on this stately tray., $74

Photo: Courtesy of Cameo Nouveau

Embroidered Triangle Table Runner 

Put away grandma's doilies. Go modern with a runner embroidered with a triangle pattern., $245

Photo: Courtesy of Michele Varian

Baroque Platter with Navy Brushstroke

No matter how traditional your spread, this color-swept, handmade ceramic platter is anything but., $130

Photo: Courtesy of Suite One Studio

Star Metallic Napkin

A splotch of cranberry sauce here. A dollop of sweet potatoes there. Keep your Thanksgiving best (read: loose-fitting everything) covered with starburst napkins., $15 

Photo: Courtesy of Canvas Home

Enamel Tart Pan

Put pie in its place by serving a seasonal tart in a colorblocked enamel pan., $65

Photo: Courtesy of Brook Farm General Store

Appétit Leather Trivets 

Your white meat shouldn't be leathery. But it's A-okay for your trivets to be., $48 each

Photo: Courtesy of Ladies and Gentlemen Studio

Bunny Williams Casserole Dish and Holder

Bake your famous mac 'n' cheese in a stoneware casserole dish, then slip it into its rattan sleeve for oven-to-table serving., $79-$89 

Photo: Courtesy of Ballard Design

Iris Hantverk Table Brush

Sweep away any and all evidence of your feast with a modern horse-hair brush., $45 

Photo: Courtesy of Iris Hantverk

Monarch Playing Cards Gift Set

If you can stave off the effects of tryptophan, challenge your guests to a friendly post-meal game of poker. Deal, digest and move on to dessert., $32

Photo: Courtesy of Heath Ceramics