The Best Animal-Themed Vodkas 2014

Bottles to prove your spirit animal is vodka

We're not imagining it: An astounding number of vodkas this season have animal motifs—and no, it's not just Grey Goose. Which is your vodka mascot?

Husky Vodka (Russia, $20): Exported from Siberia, with a paw print embedded in the front of the bottle, this grain-based vodka features an earthy anise note.

Lucky Dog Vodka (USA, $22): Though its founders are based in Nantucket, this vodka is distilled from Idaho winter wheat and crisp Rocky Mountain water. It tastes lightly sweet, with a faint citrus finish.

Snow Leopard Vodka (Poland, $35): This new vodka is made from spelt, creating soft vanilla notes on the finish. Fifteen percent of all profits from its sale are given directly to snow leopard conservation projects through the Snow Leopard Trust.

Tigre Blanc Vodka (France, $102): This fantastically gaudy gold bottle has tiger stripes and a bottle top that looks like a bulbous candle flame. It's made from 100 percent wheat in the Cognac region of France and distilled six times.

Aylesbury Duck Vodka (Canada, $25): Created by bartenders for bartenders, so it's little surprise that this clean, lightly citrusy vodka blends well in cocktails.

Blüe Heron Vodka (USA, $25 to $28): Made by Kentucky's Wilderness Trail Distillery, this warm and fruity vodka, derived from an equal blend of corn and wheat, tastes a bit like moonshine.

Grey Heron Vodka (USA, $35): Unrelated to Blüe Heron, this grappa-like vodka from Michigan's St. Julian Winery is made from grapes and tastes faintly like stone fruit.