In Like Gin

Tanqueray No. TEN is the only gin you need

You're not one to skimp on the important things: Your home bar is outfitted with coupe glasses, a no-nonsense muddler and liqueurs no one else has heard of.

The only thing you're missing? A tall green bottle of Tanqueray No. TEN.

Master Distiller Tom Nichol crafts every drop of the No. TEN in the copper Tiny Ten still (hence the name). In lieu of the conventional dried fruit and peels, Nichol uses whole fresh fruits—making Tanqueray No. TEN the only gin to do so.

As for bragging rights, it was crowned the Best White Spirit at the SF World Spirits Competition three years in a row and subsequently awarded a spot in the Hall of Fame (where it stands proud as the lone white spirit).

Once you have the only gin your bar needs, shake up an elegant White Lady cocktail:

? Add 1 oz. Tanquery No. TEN, ½ oz. orange liqueur and ½ oz. lemon juice to a Boston shaker with rocks

? Shake until cold and strain into a cocktail glass

? Garnish with a lemon peel

The freshly-squeezed lemon juice in this frothy cocktail helps accentuate the natural citrus notes in the gin. Meet your new signature drink.

Now get back to crushing ice in your Lewis bag.