Cocktail Glasses, Stirrers, Shakers And More

It's Spirits Month! Get in on all the booze-filled fun.

You've stocked up on the essential fall bottles, arranged them all on a fancy new bar cart and prepped for your perfectly executed cocktail party.

So are you going to pick up red plastic cups and call it a night? Absolutely not.

Proper cocktails deserve proper serveware, be it a gold-rimmed coupe glass, whimsical stirrers or an old-school shaker. Peruse all our favorites to put the finishing touches on a stocked bar.

Animal Stirrers

Real party animals deserve real party animals., $22 for ten

Gold-Rim Coupe

Give your standard coupes the night off and swap for these gold-rimmed upgrades., $40 for four

Bottoms-Up Bar Shelf

A model of boozy efficiency, this one-stop wonder houses bottles, glasses, gear and even dish towels should the night take a sloppy turn., $298

Copper Mugs

It's a scientifically proven fact that Moscow Mules taste better in their proper copper mugs., $17

Mid-Century Cocktail Shaker

Plant your feet, prep your glass, pour your booze and get your best shake face on for this Mad Men–style shaker., $29

Two-of-a-Kind High Balls

Serve those gin and tonics with a smile. Literally., $50 for two

Striped Stoneware Pitcher

Oh Joy! founder (and Pinterest party queen) Joy Cho knows how to set a table. Follow her lead by filling this pitcher—part of her Target collaboration—with your favorite batchable cocktail., $25

Marni Glass

Your favorite bourbon deserves a gilded glass., $20

Tiger's Eye Bottle Stopper

Lost caps are a risk you take when slinging cocktails for your guests all night. Plug it up with tiger's eye and that bottle will look even better., $52

Vintage Glasses

Antique glassware will set your bar apart. Keep an eye on The Hour's constantly updated inventory for your next investment, or scour your local second-hand shops for under-the-radar finds.

Royal Coasters

Because White Russian, Bloody Mary, Pink Lady and Brandy Alexander deserve an invite to every party., $16 for eight

Jonathan Adler Pop Rocks Glass

Color guests happy with a rainbow of different glasses. Even better, there will be no question of whose drink is whose., $14 each

Stainless Steel Bendy Straws

Just because there's booze in it doesn't mean you shouldn't use a straw. Upgrade from striped plastic to stainless steel., $15 for six

Trophy Shot Glass

Ready your elevated chasers and take a shot, champ., $10