Miami's Best New Bars 2014 | Tasting Table MIA

Where to drink this fall

Apothecaries, bluesy Prohibition-era speakeasies, '40s dance halls, '70s lounges, '60s iconic pool bars and arcades are just some of the themes at our new favorite watering holes. Get transported back in time at Miami's best new bars.

Albert Trummer's Drawing Room, Miami Beach

A hotel lounge might not seem like the most exciting plan for a night out, but if you're a fan of really crafty cocktails, this is the place to be. Trummer's imagination takes you through a wild botanical ride, mixing elixirs and "medicinal" concoctions infused with herbs, flowers and spices. There's a rumor spreading that the bar may be working on a house absinthe, so get ready to have your mind blown.

Railroad Blues, Downtown

Shaped like an old railroad car (first class, of course), this Prohibition-inspired speakeasy is crafting some pretty serious drinks, like the Bathtub gin and house-made tonic ($11) and the hooch Old Fashioned ($11)—corn whiskey, absinthe and Madagascar vanilla syrup. Can't find it? Look for the door behind a conspicuous-looking newsstand on 14th Street.

Ball & Chain, Little Havana

You know the resurrection of this '40s icon is already one of our new favorites, but just in case you forgot: Get enveloped by the smell of cigars whilst sipping on Cuban-inspired drinks—like a Calle Ocho Old Fashioned ($12) with tobacco infused bitters—and dance the night away to the beats of local acts like Suenalo.

Vagabond Hotel Pool Bar, Mimo

Were you a fan of the show Magic City? Ladies, bust out your pin-up vintage onesie and red lipstick, and gents, your white linen pants. Then head to the restored historic Vagabond Hotel pool bar, where refreshing drinks like the Vagabond Collins ($8) with vodka, lemon and lime juices and simple syrup with Angostura bitters will quench your thirst as much as taking a splash in the pool (unfortunately, you do have to book a room to do the latter).

Better Days, Brickell

These are better days—in Brickell anyway. This pop-up vintage living room-esque bar and thrift store is serving some of the best cocktails in the area. Sip the Michael Outta Know Betta ($8) or Surfer in Recovery ($12) while shooting billiards or perusing old '70s Playboys. It's like you never left home.

Lilt Lounge at the Epic, Downtown

If you're into T-shirts-under-Armani-jackets–Miami Vice vibe, this modern space with white accents, an oval bar made of white lacquered wood, ocean views and neon accents is the spot to be. Grab a champagne flute from the cart rolling by and feel extra fancy with an order of the lobster cocktail ($20) with grapefruit, fennel and espelette. Pinkies out, friends.

ARTCade, South Beach

There are nights when you wish you could relive simpler times. Well, throw on some ripped jeans and Chucks, meet your buds at this arcade and kick their butts in a game of Space Invaders. But unlike your preteen days, ARTCade adds craft beer, funky bright art, and DJ's to the mix. Make sure you bring the standards you had back then.