Three Quick And Easy Hacks For Drying Salad Greens Without A Sala

How to dry salad greens without a gadget

The Issue: Got salad, but no spinner.

The Solution: You don't need a gadget to dry your clean greens. You have several options of varying degrees of physical intensity:

① Shake off as much water as possible and spread the greens in a single layer on a dishtowel. Roll and pat dry. (You may need to turn the leaves and repeat if you have an abundance of salad materials. )

② Keep the greens in a colander, wrap a dishtowel around the top, position yourself over the sink and shake-shimmy-shake.

③ Load the wet leaves into a dishtowel, twist it around so errant greens can't escape, and sling that towel around like you're winding up for a powerful pitch.

Tip: The last tip is best performed outdoors, lest you want to wash your kitchen walls at the same time you dry your greens.