Shopping Guide To Our Provençal Dinner Party

Where to buy plates, wooden boards and more

You have all the recipes to throwing our Provençal dinner party. Now, here's how to outfit your dinner table:

For the Anchoïade: Circ Serving Board ($23) from Crate & Barrel

For the Bourride: Turk Heavy Steel Double Handle Pan, 12.5 inches ($89) from Kaufmann Mercantile; Aspen Low Bowl ($5) from Crate & Barrel; Dip Bowl ($3) from Crate & Barrel

For the Fig and Raspberry Galette: Rustic Oak Pie Slab ($46) from Pink Pianos for Provisions by Food52; Gold Rimmed Small Plates (two for $28) from Suite One Studio for Provisions by Food52

For the Pastis: Colour Glass Tumbler for Water+ Spirits, Low Yellow Gradient (four for $60) from Hay & Scholetn & Baijings' for A+R Plus

Tablecloth: Abode Tablecloth ($60) from Crate & Barrel

Salt bowl: Mini Taupe Bowl ($2) from Crate & Barrel