The Best Beer Bars In Miami 2014 | Tasting Table MIA

Miami's best beer bars

There's a good reason Miami loves a good beer bar. With our high tropical temps, nothing quenches our thirst quite the way a crisp, refreshing brew does. A pitcher is worth a thousand words at some of our favorite beer bars.

1. Abbey Brewing Co. in South Beach

Before craft breweries became a thing, this rustic, chapel-like, dark and dingy joint catered to the cicerones in town, brewing some of the best full-bodied beer in the state—like the Brother Aaron's Quadruple Belgian winter ale, with hints of chocolate and caramelized raisins ($7 pint).

2. The Room in South Beach

Another hidden gem in SoBe is this candle-lit dim date spot that has been serving a selection of more than 75 craft beers for over a decade. Here's a good tip: It's an excellent choice to impress that someone special, but beware, after a few Delirium Tremens on draft ($13), beer goggles might become a problem.

3. Lou's Beer Garden in North Beach

The understated outdoor poolside bar and kitchen in the courtyard of the boutique New Hotel in Miami Beach has great taste in beer, with 12 craft brews on tap—and their food is delicious, too. Pair your Old Rasputin on nitro ($10) with a Diavola thin crust ($20, with chorizo and spicy soppressata) for a hell of an evening, and remember that beer is just as good in any meal, so check out their beer brunch-paired dishes.

4. Brewskis in South Miami

First it was cervezas, now it's brewskis. The change of endearing beer nicknames does not bother us one bit—as long as they keep that refrigerated wall stocked with all of our favorites (with close to 400 bottles in there). The 14 taps are regularly taken over by some of our favorite hoppy craft elixirs, including a recent appearance by Atlanta's Terrapin.

5. Kush in Wynwood

We don't know what's more brazen: the ballsy choice of location or the hop-forward selection of beer they've got on tap, one thing is certain, it has become a local favorite since it recently opened. Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPA, anyone ($12)? Pair it with the amazing Lokal burger ($13) or the alligator bites ($12) from the food menu.

6. Craft Bar & Q in Edgewater

Proof that sometimes branding is unecessary when you've got an excellent product: This spot serves some of the best barbacue in town (they're the owners of Passion BBQ food truck, after all), with beers to match. They've got Chimay Red Première ($10) and Brooklyn Brewmaster's Reserve Hammarby Syndrome ($8) on tap.

7. DRB in Downtown

Yes, we also miss the old DRB spot, but this bar is still one of the downtown pioneers of craft beer, with its beer passports, and we must pay homage. And be honest: You've checked out its beer pong tournaments (guilty pleasure for days) and have delighted in bottomless craft beer ($20) Fridays from time to time.

8. The Mighty in Shenandoah

We've told you about its cocktail menu, but let's not forget that one of our favorite neighborhood bars does craft beer very well. With more than 10 selections of beer on tap and more than 40 selections by the bottle, there really is something for everyone. And beer goes great with sausage, of which they've also got great options, including duck ($12), rabbit ($15) and lamb ($11).

9. The Garage Bar at The Filling Station in Downtown Miami

You might be too distracted by the list of burgers to notice that The Filling Station does in fact have a bar, a pretty awesome, all-American dive-y one at that, with an incredible selection of beers (including Bell's Oberon, which is only $4 for a tall boy can during happy hour) and a beer club that goes by the name of Mug Club. Join the cool kids.

10. Riverside Market in Ft. Lauderdale

Our favorite beer bar is worth the field trip, and if you've ever been inside this convenience store turned beer heaven, you know what we mean. Off the beaten path in the suburbs of Ft. Lauderdale, you'll find the coolest beer lounge in the state, complete with an entire refrigerated wall filled with over 550 craft beers from all over, boxes stacked high in clusters around the joint and couches to kick back and rejoice in it all.