The 10 Best New Kitchen Gadgets Fall 2014

10 new gadgets we can't wait to try

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We might not get to shop for back-to-school supplies anymore, but there's still plenty of reason to get excited about fall. Here's a look at the 10 best new kitchen gadgets, utensils and appliances arriving this season.

? KitchenAid Ceramic Bowls ($80)

If it wasn't enough to choose a colorful stand mixer, you'll soon be able to accent it with KitchenAid's first line of colorful ceramic bowls. Designed to fit the 5-quart mixers, all of which have a tilting head, the bowls look like a traditional batter bowl with a handle and pouring spout. We can't imagine a better-looking way to mix up a batch of pancakes on a Saturday morning.

Available: October

? OXO Over the Corner Colander ($16)

File this under "Why didn't we think of that!" This strainer hangs off the corner of your sink to save space while you're prepping dinner, so your pasta, veggies or berries can drain completely instead of pooling water on the counter. And unlike strainers that go across the whole basin, this one leaves most of your sink clear, so you can toss in food scraps, pile up dishes or just give that bunch of parsley a quick rinse.

Available: December

? Le Creuset Coquelle ($535)

Le Creuset is celebrating a little bit of their history this year with a limited edition re-release of one of their most iconic designs. The Coquelle, which debuted in 1958, is the brainchild of legendary industrial designer Raymond Loewy. Le Creuset is only releasing 1,000 of the casserole dishes, which will be available in either its signature flame red or a brand-new teal color. If you want to get your hands on this one, be prepared to act fast.

Available: October

? Lodge Seasoned Steel Grill Pan ($68)

It might seem counterintuitive to buy a grill pan at the end of summer, but this seasoned steel version from Lodge does double duty on your stovetop as well. So you'll get that great cookout flavor, no matter where or when you're in the mood to grill.

Available: Now

? Kuhn Rikon Krinkle Knife ($14)

A great gift for anyone who misses the crinkle-cut fries of their youth. The zig-zag blade on this ultra-sharp, mezzaluna-style knife cuts just about anything you can think of into wavy strips in a matter of minutes.

Available: Now

? VacuVin Pickler ($25)

Talk about quick pickles! If you don't want to go the canning route but need a way to preserve extra vegetables, this smart gadget (from the makers of the popular wine saver) is your answer. It vacuums air out of the container, so your veggies absorb the pickling liquid in a flash and stay fresh for weeks.

Available: Now

? LéKué Oatmeal Kit ($40)

Finally, an easier way to cook steel-cut oats. This new microwave oatmeal cooker from LéKué eliminates the need to soak the oats overnight, meaning you no longer have to plan breakfast the night before, unless you're just that organized.

Available: September

? Vitamix S30 ($409) 

Finally, a Vitamix designed for an apartment-sized kitchen. The Vitamix S30 is a skinnier blender that still pulverizes ice, fruit, veggies, nuts and more with the power of its larger counterparts. Bonus: It comes with a smoothie jar to cut down on the amount of dirty dishes.

Available: Now

? Chef'n Pull'n Slice Mandoline ($50)

If you've been too intimidated to use a mandoline in the past, this is the one to convert you. Your hand never gets near the blade; instead, the food stays stationary and the mandolin slides back and forth on top of it. And to change thickness, simply adjust a lever—switching blades is a thing of the past.

Available: Now

? Microplane Elite Zester ($16)

A Microplane zester is pretty much a kitchen standard by now. But if you don't have one, or you're looking for a more aesthetically pleasing upgrade, opt for the new Elite version. It has the same rasp as the traditional Microplane with a more sophisticated look.

Available: Now