No-Cook Recipe: Vietnamese Summer Rolls With Shrimp And Peaches

It's hot out there! Leave the oven off and join us for No Cook Month. All August we're keeping it cool with recipes and entertaining tips without all that sweaty baking.

For something with the word summer in its name, some summer rolls can be mucked up with heavy vermicelli noodles, soggy pork, gloppy peanut dipping sauce.

Not ours.

Food editor Andy Baraghani took the classic Vietnamese appetizer and made it lighter and brighter (see the recipe). And not one step requires you to switch on the oven or the stove (hello, hot-weather entertaining).

The shrimp is gently marinated and "cooked" in a lime-sesame marinade, then snugly folded into a rice paper wrapper along with peaches, our favorite of-the-moment stone fruit, cool strips of cucumber, crunchy daikon radishes and a mess of fragrant, crunchy herbs (basil, cilantro sprigs, mint, chives).

And instead of that heavy peanut sauce, he threw a handful of roasted peanuts inside for texture, then paired the finished rolls with a bright dipping sauce spiked with garlic, chiles and fish sauce.

Roll like pro.

Invite some friends over to help you roll a bunch for your next party. Just make sure you don't soak the rice paper wrappers too long—you don't want soggy—and that you roll them tightly so everything is nice and secure. Check out our handy GIF above to see how it's done.

You can experiment with different herbs—lemon basil, anyone?—and fillings, but no matter what, these are bound to become your favorite summer wrap stars.