How To Make Rose Wine Ice Cubes

Put your pink wine on ice. Really.

You know what's good? Rosé on ice is what's good.

Big prismatic cubes clinking musically as you absentmindedly swirl the glass around.

Calm thyself, wine snob: It's summer. It's rosé. It's all going to be okay.

If there is a problem here it's just that, like those doomed polar ice caps, these cubes are gonna melt in the sun. (You're drinking your rosé outside on a lounge-y chair or patch of grass somewhere in the sun, right? You should be.). Melting ice means watery wine, and nobody wants that.

But what if the ice wasn't melting mere H2O but...rosé itself?

What if you froze some rosé in ice cube trays? And then added a few of the resultant frosty pink ice cubes back into your rosé?

Well, then you would have always-cold, never-diluted rosé, global warming would be reversed, and all obstacles to extreme personal fulfillment eradicated.

Is your brain exploding with wonder and gratitude and happiness? Are you experiencing that floaty feeling you sometimes get after reading the Science Times section of The New York Times, where everything you know about the world has changed, and you're looking at the universe in an entirely new way?

Frozen wine ice cubes will do that to a person.

Can you do this with white wine? Sure. A light, easy-drinking, cheap and chillable red? Why not? Is it a good idea to subject your finest 1947 Latour to the deep freeze? Of course not.

But frozen rosé works like magic and we endorse it and you should do it.