How To Throw A Pool Party

Everything you need for a splashy poolside party

Everybody in the pool!

It's high time for hanging out with a bunch of friends next to a chlorinated body of water, frozen drink in hand—and we've found all the gear you need to go off the deep end. We're envisioning 1970s retro cool as the theme, with some modern touches thrown in.

No pool? No problem. Grab an inflatable one, or simply invite some friends over to your deck, backyard or stoop and make a splash of your own with these sunny party accessories.

Dive in to our picks right here.

Donut Pool Float, $24

Take a bite out of summer with a frosted float.

Otis and Eleanor Bongo Speakers, $140

Pump up the volume on these outdoor speakers, then take the plunge.

Watermelon Print Bikini, $32 (top) and $25 (bottom)

Nice melons.

The Coolest Cooler

When it's actually a real-deal product, this ingenious cooler/blender/waterproof Bluetooth speaker will be the party equivalent of a cannonball.

Acrylic Margarita Glass, $6

Broken glass in the pool = the ultimate buzzkill.

Flamingo Straws, $3.50 for a 12-pack

Party like you're in Palm Beach with these birdbrained straws.

Boozy Mango Ice Pops

It's a drink. It's a dessert. It's your new best friend. Get the recipe.

Tahiti Round Floor Pillow, $129

Let your guests rest for the requisite half-hour after eating on plush retro pillows.

Too Cold To Hold Drink Sleeve, $5

Because your beer wants to chill out, too.

Canyon Fringe Hammock, $118

After a few frozen mudslides, you'll be in need of a snooze.

Amalfi Board Shorts, $150

Make a splash with these Italian trunks in a retro pineapple print.

Daze Fire Ring, $762

This mobile fire pit makes waves with its gorgeous minimalist design.

S.S. Goodlife Kooler, $79.50

A floating cooler gives new meaning to watered-down drinks.

Sea Letterpress Coasters, $28 for a set of 16

Make your bash truly sea-sonal.

Tide & Pool Montauk Beach Towel, $98

Dry off post-dip in an oversized screen-printed cotton terry towel.

Sorrento Melamine Dinner Plate, $12

Dive into appetizers and the like on geometric melamine plates.

Pool Bar Jim's Famous Frozen Drinks, $15

Two hundred-plus frozen drinks. From a guy named Pool Bar Jim. Done.


Speaking of frozen drinks, you may want to try our very grown-up version of the mudslide—but only if you want to be classy. Get the recipe.

Peepers Sunglasses, $16

Colorful shades pair swimmingly with poolside drinking.

Cocktail Anchors, $18

These drink decorations swim laps around regular toothpicks.

Lighthouse Outdoor Torch, $90 to $240

If you're going to go the smelly citronella route to keep the insects away, might as well do it with Scandinavian style.