Craft Cocktails At The Mighty Gastropub | Tasting Table MIA

Our new favorite cocktail menu in Shenandoah

"My regulars would talk about these great bars on the beach and how they wished they didn't have to travel so far to get a decent drink," explains David Perez, the head bartender at Shenandoah's new gastropub The Mighty. "I felt like they were telling me, 'You have a bar with liquor behind it. Use it.'"

Although Miami has been slowly catching up with the whole craft cocktail thing in recent years, a lot of Dade County residents have had to drive long distances to get a decent drink. Until now. The Mighty's "Stiff Drink List"—consisting of five seasonal rotating cocktails ($10 each)—is a breath of fresh air in the Coral Way corridor.

The new summer menu launches this week, and what you'll find is a thoughtful spin on old standbys. Basil and pistachio infused simple syrup give the Silver Bluff Margarita a little more depth and bite than a regulation marg; a bit of St. Germaine in the Florjito adds floral tones to one of South Florida's drinks of choice.

Given that The Mighty has already been chatted up as one of the best craft beer bars to hit this summer, Perez couldn't resist adding a beer cocktail to the list. His favorite brew this very minute, Duchesse de Bourgogne sour ale, is combined with Tullamore Dew whiskey and Heather Honey liqueur to make the complex, refreshing Whiskey "Sour" (topped off with a cherry, of course).

During one recent happy hour, The Strokes' The Modern Age played as The Mighty's bar stools and vintage faux red leather booths—custom designed by owner Ryan Brooks—were gradually filled by patrons unbuttoning their collars after a long day's work. The folksy neighborhood bar is a great place to unwind—and did we mention the duck sausage with sweet chili and onion confit?

This place is a mighty good addition to the area.