Your New Personal Sommelier Is The Delectable Wine App

This easy app is your own personal sommelier

When I first (illegally) bartended at 16 and proceeded to describe wines as "light, but also very full-bodied" and "full of fruity flavor" to enthusiastic nods, I learned an important lesson: Lots of people don't know anything about wine.

Which is fine! Take the guesswork out of the equation with Delectable, a speedy wine app that identifies, rates and provides reviews of virtually any wine. Once you download, connect via the usual social suspects to find friends who are also using the app—you'll see photos, ratings, tips and more.

The best feature comes into play while you're perusing bottles at your local wine shop or grocery store: Simply upload a photo of the label, and immediately get ratings (from both industry professionals and fellow users), descriptions, info on the growing region and a price check (with the option to ship certain wines to yourself, too).

Follow top sommeliers (like Patrick Cappiello, Pascaline Lepeltier and Rajat Parr) for more inspiration, tips and food pairings. Once your profile is set, save wines, regions and wish list additions, or share recommendations with friends. It's all wonderfully seamless, so you'll never get duped by clueless bartenders again.

How do you like them grapes?