Offbeat Burger Toppings

Layer your quarter pounder with new flavors

Avoid early burger fatigue! Give the tomato and lettuce a break and top your patty with unconventional flavors to keep things interesting all summer.

Blackberry Farm Honey Pickled Turnips ($18)

Shelve your usual bread-and-butter pickles and reach for this root instead. The slivers have strong notes of honey that finish with a kick of red pepper, plus the extra-thin slices layer tightly without adding bulk.

Tartuflanghe Truffle Tapenade ($22)

No matter how great the topping, it shouldn't overshadow the meat—a potential danger with truffles. In the case of this tapenade, there's a just a touch of subtle truffle flavor in every bite, and the briny olives cut through the fattiness of a meaty patty.

Callie's Fiery Pimento Cheese ($20 for two)

We appreciate simple melted American, but spreading on this smoky, spicier take on this Southern classic—a mix of mayo, shredded cheddar, pimentos and spices—makes us forget the neon-orange slices entirely. And condiments, for that matter.

Fort Greene Farms Pickled Mustard Seeds ($16 for two)

A heaping spoonful of these sour spheres pulls double duty, adding vinegary flavor and bursts of crunch. And, the whole seeds also work well with your preferred condiment, whether mustard, ketchup or mayo—or a combo of the three.