Summer Supplies For Outdoor Eating

All the gear you need for outdoor eating, drinking and fun

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Whether your next excursion is a picnic in the park, a day at the beach or a backyard adventure, make sure you're outfitted with everything you need to conquer summer.

1. The cooler picnic cooler ($70), made from smart red steel and outfitted with its own bottle opener.

2. Your picnicking future's so bright, you've gotta wear Saturdays Surf's tortoise Ormsby shades ($95). Note: They look good on the ladies, too.

3. This 8 oz. eight-ounce pewter flask ($98) comes in handy for emergency boozing situations (campfires, hiking, the movies).

4. A lightweight plastic ice cream scoop ($3) in vibrant orange, because duh.

5. Enamel steel plates ($35 for two) are more rugged—and more badass—than melamine.

6. The classically checked Faribault wool throw ($99) pulls double duty as a picnic blanket (it naturally wicks moisture, in case of rosé spills) and as a wrap on cool beach nights.

7. Keep sandwiches cool, dry and ant-free in their own stylish cotton/nylon wraps ($30 for three).

8. The new fedora: a straw Panama hat for the ladies ($58).

9. Plug your iPod into Tivoli's iPal portable radio ($220) or keep the playlist old-school by listening to (gasp!) FM.

10. For cheese and charcuterie, tote along this small maple cutting board ($74) with a leather carrying strap.

11. The knife in this lightweight stainless steel outdoor silverware set ($75) doubles as a bottle opener.

12. Carry the briefcase-style Mon Oncle chrome portable grill ($375) to your next power cookout.

13. Takenaka's reusable lacquered bento boxes ($29.50) tote leftovers sustainably.

14. The food nerd read of summer: The Third Plate ($22) by Blue Hill chef Dan Barber.

15. The food novel of summer: Monster's Chef ($17) by Jervey Tervalon.

16. These plastic wine glasses ($13 for 4) are guaranteed not to shatter—no matter how many you throw back.

17. Tote everything in the roomy Daytripper canvas bag ($195), including a flannel throw ($68) for impromptu picnics.

18. Dispatch flies more stylishly with a leather and beachwood swatter ($24).

19. A more modern take on the picnic basket ($150)—designed by a Dane, of course.

20. This rosewood folding knife ($45) has a nautical touch, should you find yourself on a sailboat.

21. The S'well Textiles Collection thermos ($45 for 20 oz. size) can hold an entire bottle of wine—perfect for those tastings on the go.

22. Use a two-compartment Ceylon plastic pitcher ($30) to make iced tea. Or cocktails; no judgments.

23. Official shorts of summer: Battenwear's Overhang men's shorts ($207) in a retro NYC-inspired print.