Martin's Potato Rolls Are Awesome With Everything

A love letter to Martin's, the unbeatable, squishy-soft potato roll

Martin's rolls are marshmallow-soft and sweet and magically made of potatoes.

There's nothing better for sandwiching a charred burger patty with a slice of tomato, lettuce and onion. (Sorry, fancy brioche and squat English muffins).

They go high: We love them with a fine, decadently fatty bratwurst and some properly fermented kraut.

Or low: We love them with a cheap dog and squiggle of ballpark mustard.

They're good savory: Some great days have started with a fried egg and bacon squashed between those airy, golden-hued potato rolls. Buttered and grilled, loaded up with spicy potato mixture seasoned with chiles and lime, they're also great vehicles for the Indian snack known as pav bhaji.

Or sweet: Try them toasted, smeared with butter and honey (or a little concord grape jelly) as an afternoon snack.

Full disclosure: We're not above eating them plain.

East Coasters are familiar with the old-school brand. The company launched in the 1950s and is still based in Pennsylvania, where the yeasted buns are made from a mix of high-protein wheat flour and potato starch, nonfat milk, sugar and a mix of vegetable oil and butter.

But if the bread is unfamiliar to you, do yourself a favor and seek it out. From the teeny party-size buns to the big dinner rolls, this bread is a TT summer essential.