Sour Cherry Salt Water Taffy From Salty Road

Stretch out sour cherry season with Salty Road's latest

Usually it's in early July, right when you start to notice all the fireflies flashing each other like crazy, that ripe sour cherries appear at markets in New York.

It's one of my favorite moments of the summer: The ripe, thin-skinned fruits taste as bright as they look—they're high in acidity, delicious plain and even better cooked in pies or jams.

At Salty Road, the Brooklyn-based candy company, Marisa Wu makes tangy taffy by adding a sour cherry purée to cooked sugar. As the candy is pulled, folded and pulled some more, it gets aerated so the taffy turns pale pink and has a very soft, almost creamy chew.

The best part about hoarding a box or two ($6.50) is that sour cherry season, which is always over too quickly, can go on a bit longer.