Sea Salt, Vacation Edition

Send your spice cabinet to the South Pacific with Wakaya Perfection

Your salt collection spans the color spectrum as well as the continents. Now, so can you.

Enter Wakaya Perfection's Paradise, Perfected Sweepstakes for a chance to win a five-night stay at The Wakaya Club & Spa on Wakaya Island, including roundtrip airfare to Fiji, private beach picnics, spa treatments and much more.

You'll also get an exclusive look at the Wakaya Perfection Organic Farm and Factory, where you can experience firsthand how Wakaya Perfection's new Fijian Kosher Sea Salt is cultivated and processed.

Fresh water is removed using reverse osmosis, leaving the purest salt water possible. After that, it flows to Wakaya's beachfront (yes, beachfront) solar driers.

After a week of sun–and really, who doesn't need a week of sun?–it morphs into pure, white, vitamin- and mineral-rich sea salt that flavors everything it lands on. Brimming with vitamin-C and magnesium, this sea salt helps regulate blood sugar and even promotes healthy skin.

Take that, table salt.