Feijoada Nachos Snack For 2014 World Cup

A Brazilian nacho hack to kick off the World Cup

The World Cup kicks off in Brazil this week. Maybe you've heard of it?

For one month, global productivity will slow to a halt as countrymen and mortal enemies gather to shout at TV screens in bars across the plane.

Oceans of beer will be consumed, ancient grievances will be rehashed and, at least once every four years, we're all football fans.

So, what to eat while watching the 32 teams compete for world domination?

Feijoada, the national dish of host country Brazil, is a natural choice. Pronounced like all things Portuguese, in a lyrical lovely way, and with a lot of soft purring zzzhhhh sounds, feijoada a hearty stew made of black beans, salt pork and smoked pork ribs.

It's also a project to make. And you don't want anything taking time away from match time.

Solution: The traditional dish of Brazil plus a universal TV-sports-viewing party snack = Feijoada Nachos (see the recipe).

For a quick version of the stew, we used canned beans and swapped in pork tenderloin and chorizo. Smother baked tortillas with Manchego and Monterey Jack cheeses, throw some pico de gallo, radish discs and sliced scallion greens on top, and you're ready for a month glued to the game.

Just add beer and the national team jersey of your choice.

Then get ready to field requests for seconds.