How To Cook Summer Squash And Squash Blossoms From The Farmers' Market

Summer squash is pretty, versatile and dead easy

Summer produce season is here. Some of the prettiest and most versatile things to look for are zucchini and various other summer squashes showing up at the market.

They're low-maintenance, colorful and have names that are fun to say (hello, crookneck and pattypan). Cut them up and throw them on the grill or shave them on the mandolin and eat them raw.

To showcase them in all their freshness, we decided to make a salad out of golden squash blossoms and shaved raw zucchini (see the recipe).

Don't be intimidated by the delicate blossoms. They're dead easy to work: just stem and tear in half and toss with the zucchini, lemon and mint. Toasted pine nuts provide a bit of crunch. Top with slivers of pecorino.

Lunch is in bloom.