Best Picnic Blankets For Summer

Throw down on one of these throws

A big fuzzy blanket is like a swarm of ants and sunshine: You can't throw a picnic without one.

Unroll one of these on your perfect patch of grass (or sand), spread out your spread and let the outdoor feasting begin:

? Pendleton Camp Blanket ($158): Can't go wrong with a finely crafted wool-and-cotton Pendleton with its own smart leather carrying strap.

? Yield Picnic Bag ($65): A well-designed zipper turns this water-resistant duck canvas blanket into a sleek bag. Genius.

? Honeycomb Cotton Throw ($128): Lightweight, pretty and perfect for a two-person picnic.

? The New Domestic Striped Picnic Blanket ($110): Nautical stripes make this linen and cotton throw ideal for a seaside soiree.

? Faribault Buffalo Check ($99): No need to worry about spilling your rosé. This thick, cozy blanket's wool fibers wick moisture naturally.

? Anorak Rolling Hills Picnic Blanket ($62): This cotton-and-nylon number decorated with trees and hills is enough to put you in the mood–even indoors.

? H&M Picnic Blanket ($18): Feel like you're in the tropics even if you're landlocked on a lined polyester blanket that's cheaper than the saucisson sec you're serving.