5 Essential Summer Kitchen Tools

No, you don't need a gas-powered turkey deep fryer

Summer is not the time to get fussy in the kitchen. So ignore the call of fancy gadgets and keep it simple with these essentials:

1. Juicer ($17)

Hey, you don't need a yellow juicer for lemons and green one for limes. Let this all-purpose Mexican beehive juicer made of heavy-duty aluminum be your main summer squeeze.

2. Ice cream scoop ($20)

This is the only ice cream scooper you need, with a release in the handle so the scoop keeps its shape. (Out of season, use it to make evenly sized meatballs or cookies.)

3. Colander ($8)

You should be eating your body weight in berries and stone fruits all summer long. And you don't need any goofy gadgets to make this happen, just a colander that fits in the fridge.

4. Portable knife ($23)

This big camping knife from Opinel has a super-sharp 4¾-inch blade, perfect for slicing saucisson sec and fresh fruit if you're out on a picnic or prepping things by the grill. Just dry that carbon steel off after each use, please.

5. Mortar and pestle ($50)

When it's too hot to turn on the stove, cook the old-fashioned way by pounding delicious things together in a stone molcajete, like thick salad dressings, herb sauces to slather on grilled meats and vegetables or garlicky aioli.