Download Untappd, The Best New Beer App

Your beer drinking has Untappd potential

You're probably very good at drinking beer. It's a valuable skill, and you should be proud (but not too proud) to accept help–with finding great beer, anyway.

Meet Untappd, your new best drinking app.

The free app lets you add friends (via the usual social channels) and track and find the nearby beers, bars and breweries you're sure to dig. You can check in to bars with the beers you're drinking and earn badges (Summer Fun, Legendary, I Believe in IPA) while leaving tips and reviews for your friends and other app users. After a short while, the app learns your palette and makes recommendations based on just how pale you like your ales.

Socially, you can get friends to join in on the fun by finding and sharing different brews with your buddies. You can also keep a list of your favorite distinct beers and add new ones to your wish list.

Untappd has trending locations and a list of the top global beers, just in case you get bored. Breweries can also join and interact with their hoppy communities.

Prepare for the summer of beer.