Evil Twin Brewing Bikini Beer To Drink All Day Long

Evil Twin Brewing makes a low-alcohol, light-bodied beer that's actually great

I don't always drink beer from sunrise to bedtime, but when I do, I want a steady supply of cold cans of Bikini Beer.

It's well-balanced, incredibly refreshing and at just 2.7% alcohol, it's the craft beer that won't knock you out if you're in the mood to drink all day. (Hey, it's summer. No judgments).

"Bikini Beer was made because I wanted a flavorful IPA that I could drink late night without falling asleep," says nomadic cult brewer Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin Brewing.

He's not a light beer kind of guy. This is the guy who came up with Imperial Doughnut Break, a sweet, dark porter with 11.5% alcohol and made with "insane amounts of doughnuts." You could pour it over pancakes, if you wanted to get your pancakes drunk.

But back to Bikini. "Let's be frank," reads the label. "This is a sissy beer...enjoy this very, very drinkable beer in the sun, at this summer's festivals, or even better use it to slowly seduce your nagging friends with an anxiety for craft beer."

Amen to the drinkability and sun; I'd rather not waste good beer on nagging friends.

"You can drink it all the time," Jarnit-Bjergsø says. "It has the hoppyness and bitterness of a 'normal' IPA but with the lower alcohol that's below the limit for paying beer taxes in Denmark. I thought it was a fun thing to have a tax-free IPA, which on paper isn't classified as a beer!"

I'll drink (several) to that.