Lobster Shorts And More Food Clothing

Wear your tomato (and crab and hot dog) on your sleeve this summer

Are those lobsters on your shorts or are you just happy to see me?

At this season's barbecues and picnics, serve up your personal style with threads adorned with summer's favorite foods (left to right on the above image):

2(x)ist School of Fish Trunks ($140)

We sea London, we sea France...

Vineyard Vines Cheeseburger Bowtie ($55)

Burgers plus palm trees equals silk neckwear that screams "cheeseburger in paradise."

Verameat Baby Ice Cream Necklace ($88)

A 14K gold and brass soft-serve necklace is two scoops of awesome.

Madewell Tomato Tee ($71)

It probably won't become an heirloom, but this soft gray cotton T-shirt is perfectly in-season for summer.

Stan Smith Lemon Adidas ($85)

Pucker up, buttercup: Shiny lemons add citrus cool to these classic kicks.  

Cuff & Cuff Hot Dog Cufflinks ($46)

If you must wear a dress shirt to work, accessorize it with cufflinks that are, frankly, tongue-in-cheek.

J. Crew Crab Sweater ($79.50)

If getting chilly on cool beach nights makes you crabby, throw on this lightweight linen sweater.

Vineyard Vines Citrus Skirt ($98)

Make a vibrant cotton skirt your main summer squeeze.  

ASOS Watermelon Bikini ($30)

Just like its namesake fruit, this bathing suit is a little bit sweet and not at all serious. 

Brooks Brothers Lobster Shorts ($55)

Claw your way to the top of your country club set with crustacean-embroidered Bermuda shorts.