Best Picnic Gear

Gear up for eating outside this holiday weekend

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"Let's pack a picnic."

The words alone conjure an idyllic scene: green grass, a soft blanket strewn with platters of fresh fruit, charcuterie and cheese. Chilled bottles of rosé. Birds chirping...okay, okay. We get it.

So let's outfit you with the perfect picnic kit.

Here, some beautiful and functional items that can make your open-air meal a walk in the park:

Picnic basket ($125): The woven white ash wood and checked interior say "classic," but the shape and leather handles make this carry-all decidedly modern.

Ceylon pitcher ($30): Sure, you could use the two-compartment plastic pitcher to brew tea. Or, you could infuse boozy punch with fresh fruit and herbs. Merely a suggestion.

Sandwich wraps ($30): Do you really need these reusable cotton-and-nylon wraps to tote your panini? No, but they'll make your spread a whole lot cuter.

Swell thermos ($35): What's hand-painted, nontoxic and can keep an entire bottle of wine cold for 24 hours? This 750-ml thermos.

GoVino glasses ($13 for a four-pack): No broken glass here. These shatterproof glasses are BPA-free.

Wooden cutlery ($5 per set): These disposable utensils won't harm the Earth, which is nice because you'll be sitting on it for luch.

Acrylic servers ($17.50): Lightweight and available in such vibrant colors, you won't leave them at the park/beach/pool. 

Melamine plates ($8.75): Ants at a picnic? Not cool. Lightweight spider plates? Totally awesome.  

Corkscrew and bottle opener* ($29): Open your 'stache of wine or beer with this cheeky combo piece. *Required for Brooklyn picnics  

Picnic throw ($69): Patriotic but doesn't take itself too seriously. Just like your picnic.