Good Eggs

Egg-cellent brunch recipes for spring

All great home-cooked brunches have something in common: Nellie's eggs.

Nellie's quality eggs go way beyond cage-free–they're Certified Humane. The hens are raised on small, independent family farms that take pride in the craft of farming.

It's no wonder, then, that Nellie's eggs are so full of color and flavor. Bring eggs to your table with Tasting Table recipes in this Sweet and Savory Brunch Menu:

· Potato and Leek Hash (see the recipe): This dish is crowned with a glorious fried egg–the star of the show.

· Spiedino alla Romana (see the recipe): Eggs are essential to this traditional Italian sandwich, a grilled cheese-French toast hybrid that epitomizes good brunching.

· Almond Cake (see the recipe): It takes six eggs to build this classic beauty, an ideal project for a weekend morning.

· See the full menu here.

Whether you're leaning sweet or savory, Nellie's Eggs are the building blocks of your next delicious brunch. Now all you have to do is invite some friends over.

Potato and Leek Hash

Eggs can be the star of the show in dishes like , crowned with a glorious fried egg.

Asparagus with Hard-Boiled Egg and Chorizo

Eggs are just as valuable when they play a supporting role, like in this beautiful .

Spiedino alla Romana

Eggs are essential to the traditional Italian sandwich known as , a grilled cheese-French toast hybrid that epitomizes good brunching, lending the dish a richness and deep golden color.

Matzo Brei

In this fun twist on, eggs hold together a party of spring vegetables and greens, much like an Italian frittata.

Almond Cake

What's a perfect without eggs? It takes six to build this classic beauty, ideal for filling your home with a sweet, comforting smell on a Saturday morning.