Burger Kingdom

Enter to win the ultimate burger party package

It's time to gear up for burger season.

TV host, producer and author Adam Richman has a little gift to get you ready for summer cooking.

Enter the Alamos Daring Pairings Sweepstakes and win the ultimate burger party package curated by Alamos Wines and Tasting Table. The package includes:

· A signed copy of Adam Richman's book, America the Edible, to inspire your culinary creations 

· A sturdy Wüsthof spatula for all of your burger flipping needs
· A selection of Alamos gear to make sure you're properly outfitted

· A $400 gift card to host the ultimate burger party

Channel your inner celebrity chef and discover just how daring you can be in the kitchen. Take Adam's lead and try pairing his juicy Malbec Burger (see the recipe) with a rich Malbec from Alamos Wines.

That burger's not going to flip itself; enter now and you'll be cooking like a TV star in no time.