Wynn Las Vegas Pastry Chef Pierre Gatel's Chocolate Demo | Tastin

Watch a Las Vegas chef do something unusual

Chocolate factory. The words conjure Willy Wonka, Oompa Loompas and a spellbinding lake of everyone's favorite ingredient.

Well, Pierre Gatel has his own real life chocolate factory in the labyrinthine basement of the Wynn Las Vegas. The Brittany native is the executive pastry chef for the hotel where he manages to use more than twenty tons of chocolate a year.

"You can do many things with chocolate," he says. "Molding, gluing, spreading, cutting–there's an infinity of possibilities."

We watched him making delicate chocolate flowers with a Sherwin-Williams paint roller while talking in a French accent.

(That's right: chocolate, French accent, flowers.)

Watch and prepare to be charmed–and hungry.