Spring Cocktails | Chicago

7 cocktails for the new season

The weather is changing. Put away the rocks glasses and dark spirits and break out the champagne flutes. Here, in no particular order, are seven of our favorite spring cocktails.

Age of Reason at Sable ($13)

This tequila cocktail made with Corralejo reposado has a fruity beginning, thanks to pineapple juice, and a bite on the finish, courtesy of tangerine-cayenne syrup.

Humbolt Current at Kinmont ($11)

If you can't vacation in Peru, at least you can drink pisco. This fresh, slightly bitter libation combines vermouth, Encanto pisco and bitter lemon soda. The final touch? A salted rim made with squid ink.

Sur La Plage at RM Champagne Salon ($12)

Genever is one of our favorite spirits, and it's easy to brighten it up for sunny weather. Here, it's mixed with cognac and apricot liqueur, then topped with sparkling rosé.

Strawberries in Kentucky at 2 Sparrows ($10)

It's almost Derby time, which means anything combining bourbon and mint is just what the doctor ordered. This refreshing drink also contains grapefruit, strawberries and Prosecco.

The American Fizz at Acadia ($13)

This complex bubbly drink combines botanical flavors (dill, eucalyptus) with homemade Maine blueberry and black current soda. The kick is Dickel White Whiskey.

Cheap Sunglasses at Berkshire Room ($12)

Just because the sun is out doesn't mean your cocktails should be weak. This herbal tipple combines chartreuse, basil and gin for a cold knockout.

The Spring Inducer at Vie ($13)

Tis the season for iced tea–or at the very least Assam tea-infused vodka, with homemade blood orange aigredoux and a splash of dry Muscat.