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Enter to win Kenwood's Cooking Chef, a high-tech cooking machine

You can always use another set of hands in the kitchen, but what about expert hands for pasta-making, blending, food processing, chopping and ice cream-making–all from your countertop?

Oh! Hello, Kenwood Cooking Chef Kitchen Machine.

After 60 years of supplying Britain's home cooks and top chefs with advanced kitchen gear, Kenwood is finally making its way to the States.

The lauded kitchen appliance brand from across the pond is known not only for its reliable, beautifully made products, but also for its intuitive design and versatility in the kitchen. And now you can get one for yourself.

Enter to win Kenwood's innovative Cooking Chef Kitchen Machine (retail $1,999). It's the first-ever total mixing machine that cooks: First, it preps your meal with its food processor, ThermoResist glass blender and stainless steel bowl tools, then it heats with its induction cooking system.

Serious cooks, you'll want to act fast. Enter here or you'll have to keep slogging through that prep list on your own.