La Golondrina Coffee Beans By Counter Culture Coffee

Why we're brewing Counter Culture's La Golondrina

Conversations about coffee beans tend to focus on questions of origin. Colombia is a major producer of beans, much of it good stuff used for both big, corporate blends, as well as single-origin bags found in any of the Café Grumpy's and Blue Bottles of the the world.

To be honest, though, my attention has lately been diverted to the more curious, esoteric offerings of Honduras or Burundi. It's been a while since I sought out quality Colombian beans. But, oh, is it good to be back: Counter Culture Coffee's La Golondrina is produced by a collective of coffee farmers from the Cauca region and is deeply layered with notes of cherry and chocolate.

The name translates as "the swallow" and is the product of an organization called Organica, which focuses on small-batch quality in a country better known for high quantity. The trailing hints of citrus put me in a springy state of mind, making it a great cup as we transition into warmer days.