Spring Pickle Recipes: Pickled Asparagus, Fennel And Carrots | Ta

Three inspired spring pickle recipes

Nice stalks, asparagus.

Carrots, you send us over the rainbow.

And boy, are we frond of you, fennel.

Some of our favorite spring produce is finally (!) hitting the market in full force. And, greedy bastards that we are, we'd like to hold onto all that deliciousness for just a little bit longer.

With that in mind, our Test Kitchen developed three inspired pickle recipes that are easy and way more interesting than plain old cukes.


Method: Room-temp brine means no soggy stalks.

Ingredients: White wine vinegar, juniper berries, garlic cloves, black pepper, dill sprigs and seeds, bay leaf, árbol chile. 

Pickle profile: The closest to a classic dill, but not they're not your bubby's half sour. These stalks have real bite.

Rainbow Carrots

Method: Heated brine. 

Ingredients: Distilled vinegar, torched cinnamon stick, coriander, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, thyme, bay leaf. 

Pickle profile: Setting the cinnamon stick aflame (either with a torch or, carefully, over a stove burner) adds heat and warmth to the sweet, still-crunchy carrots.


Method: Heated brine. 

Ingredients: White wine vinegar, lemon peel, bay leaf, sugar, water, red pepper flakes, fennel seeds. 

Pickle Profile: Get your anise in gear. Fennel seeds enhance the bulb's naturally licorice-y flavor.