Barcelona Nights Sherry Cocktails The Regent | Miami Beach

The Spanish apéritif makes it into our cocktails

It's not necessarily news that The Regent at the Gale Hotel, with its changing nightly menu, has become Miami's favorite spot for craft cocktails.

We've already hit Havana Wednesdays for rum libations and Live Jazz Thursdays for beats with our drinks. But it's the Regent's latest concept, Barcelona Nights, that really piqued our interest.

Let's face it: Miami can be a little late to the game, gastronomically speaking. That's why we were so pleasantly surprised to find Spanish sherry–also making an international comeback–take flight on the new Monday night menu.

The brains behind the stick at The Regent have found delicious ways to mix the fortified wine, traditionally sipped as an apéritif, into their drinks. They've paired an amontillado (dark) sherry with sweet vermouth and orange bitters in a drink called Duke of Marlboro that practically transported us to the alleyways of Seville.

Because of its natural sweetness, sherry also works well in the bar's winter cocktails; it added nutty notes to the St. James flip, a creamy cocktail made with Spanish brandy, sugar, cacao and egg.

Sherry adds a new spin to traditional cocktails (Photo: The Regent)

And don't be afraid to ask bartender Angelo Vieira to create something just for you: When we requested a more straightforward cocktail, he replaced the vermouth in a classic Negroni with a fino (light) sherry. The dry, pronounced aromas turned the usually bitter drink smooth.

Everyone was so pleased with the result, including Vieira, that he promised to include it on next Monday night's menu. If you're looking to work sherry into your cocktail repertoire, we suggest you give it a try.