Aussie Meat Pie Recipe For The Super Bowl

"Dog's eye. Dead horse," says Jason Crew, owner of the Australian pub Sheep Station in Brooklyn, as he squeezes a glob of ketchup on a homemade meat pie.

A quick lesson in Aussie rhyming slang: Dog's eye rhymes loosely with meat pie, and dead horse is a match for tomato sauce, provided you get the accent right.

Crew sautés beef with more ketchup and Worcestershire, then bakes it under a buttery puff pastry dome (see the recipe). Pies are a rugby season staple. And this year, in an effort to take our Super Bowl spread beyond nachos and potato skins, they're going to make an appearance on our table.

"It's sort of like the Australian hot dog," says Crew. "You just grab a pie and a drink and go watch the game."

Apparently meaty treats and manly sports are a global thing. Austrians pack schnitzel on a roll (known as schnitzelsemmel) before heading to the stadium. Argentinian soccer fans choose choripán, a chorizo sandwich smeared with chimichurri.

Learn how to make Australian meat pies.


Back to that dog's eye. "It's at every sporting event," explains Crew. "Every time you see an Aussie rules game, rugby union, rugby league, there's always meat pies on the go."

Add our Super Bowl party to the list.