New Spirit Hits The Shelves| Miami

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with this Chinese spirit

The Chinese know a thing or two about spirits; they've been distilling báiji?–the country's national spirit–for more than three thousand years. Now the world's most consumed liquor has finally made it into the hands of Miami bartenders.

Byejoethe award-winning reinvention–distills the popular firewater in the traditional way, using red sorghum, but refines its intense funk to give it a slightly subdued moldy-sweetness with a kick. It's fragrant on the nose, but has a clean burn that comes off as crisp, not cloying.

Miami bartenders have begun experimenting with the versatile spirit

Here's where to drink it to celebrate Chinese New Year:

At Haven Lounge, the Invest ($15) mixes pungent Byejoe Red (original) with blood peach. Prosecco lightens the libation, while a splash of Campari adds a bittersweet kick.

Hop over to Semilla Eatery & Bar, where they serve Byejoe Dragon Fire (infused with dragon fruit, lychee and hot chile) up in the aromatic Asian Pear Martini ($13), made with Grey Goose La Poire and lemon sour.

In an East-meets-West concoction, La Gloutonnerie's Oriental Mechanical Apple ($8) highlights the spirit with muddled lemon wedges, the sweet snap of Domaine de Canton, earthy notes from apple juice and a rosemary garnish. The cocktail will have you holding on to that Mason jar for dear life.

Ride into the Year of the Horse with an adventurous spirit.