Hue Gah | Chicago

Pancakes: the ideal winter breakfast.

And now making them couldn't be easier; Hue Gah foods has released a mix that ensures a perfect pancake, every time. All you have to do is add a cup and a half of water.

"We saw a lot of mixes that required you to add butter and eggs and milk and oil; I could make this myself and not pay $7 for a bag of flour!" says founder (and flapjack maestro) Paul Hitalenko.

Hue Gah buttermilk pancake mix
After rigorous testing, Hitalenko has created a mix that stirs up thick and creamy and tastes just like fresh buttermilk. Simply wait a few minutes for the yeast to activate, then they're ready for the griddle.

The hotcakes are denser than a standard pancake and less sweet, which makes for a seriously hearty breakfast that'll keep you warm all morning. Add a cup of blueberries or a handful of granola for extra flavor. You can even replace some of the water with pumpkin purée.

As for technique, Hitalenko's top tip for perfect cakes? Calm down. "Folks get overly anxious. They turn the burner on really high and don't wait. Let your pan or griddle sit on medium heat for five minutes and get it nice and hot all the way through."