The Best Wines For Spring 2015

Steven Grubbs curates the Spring Wine Cellar

There's plenty to like about Steven Grubbs, the terrifically knowledgeable and highly approachable wine director at Atlanta's Five & Ten and Empire State South restaurants. But, ask us what we like most about the guy and we'll tell you that it all comes down to his refreshingly unfussy attitude.

"I've never been interested in the fancy-pants aspect of wine, that luxury end of it," Grubbs says. "I'm into wines that have some reason for being or some cool story that accounts for why they are the way they are."

That's why, when stocking the cellar, he didn't discriminate, adding old-school picks right alongside geeky, New World bottlings, perfect for the brunch-lover, the would-be time traveler and the history buff alike. Oh, and there's a little something there for Mom, too, in plenty of time for Mother's Day.

Grab a glass and check out these springtime sippers.