Holiday Gift Guide For The Cocktail Enthusiast 2014

Sophisticated gear for booze aficionados

This year, we've made our holiday gift list (and checked it twice!), rounding up a thorough list of must-have items (and indulgences) for every food and drink personality. Now presenting the cocktail enthusiast.

Ice? Check. Fresh garnishes? Of course. A bar stocked with the best booze? They've already got it.

The budding bartenders in your life may own every ice mold on the planet and probably don't need help finding rare spirits on the interwebs. But you can make their cocktail-crafting dreams even more of a reality with the beautiful, functional barkeep essentials in our gift guide, ranging from a gold-plated Hawthorne strainer to a handblown Japanese mixing glass.

Round out a mixologist-in-the-making's stock with a punch bowl for the next showstopping batchable cocktail, a book filled with lessons from the pros and more. Cheers to them—and to you.