Tasting Table Summer Cookbook 2012

27 ways to stay cool in the kitchen

Summer without great food is like a beach vacation without the ocean. So to guarantee that your picnics and cookouts are as delicious as possible, we'd like to introduce our Summer Cookbook 2012. We've compiled 27 of our favorite summer-friendly recipes into one handy digital book: heirloom tomato salad with coriander vinaigrette, anyone? What's more, we've included a wealth of exclusive enhanced content: three step-by-step slideshows, four videos from our Test Kitchen, five menu ideas and an easy-to-use index that organizes the book's recipes into user-friendly categories such as "Make Ahead," "No Cook" and "Quick." Whether you're interested in chilling out with Bloody Mary popsicles or planning a blowout meal, Tasting Table's Summer Cookbook 2012 delivers–no sweat.

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Tasting Table's Enhanced Edition Summer Cookbook 2012
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  • 27 of our favorite heat-wave-appropriate recipes, including cherry-cola popsicles, chile-garlic fried chicken and sweet-tea pie
  • 4 exclusive Test Kitchen Videos
  • 3 Step-by-Step Slideshows
  • 5 hot-weather-worthy menus to make summer entertaining even easier
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