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Making the most of tomato season

We can't resist tomato season. A recent farmers' market excursion resulted in an oversized jumble of heirloom tomatoes in the test kitchen. Rather than share only one way to use ripe tomatoes, we came up with five "non-recipes" that make the most of the short-lived season. We snacked on baguette slices smeared with sweet tomato butter as we seared shishito peppers for a quick salad and tossed pasta with cherry tomatoes and roughly chopped capers and olives. For a main course, we topped rib eye steak with a speedy tomato "salsa." And, inspired for lunch the next day, we spread crusty slices of bread with jalapeño mayonnaise and stacked them with tomato and daikon radish. With "recipes" like these, we're already planning our next market trip–extra bags in hand.

5 ways to use heirloom tomatoes now

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  • Ripe, juicy, peak-season tomatoes
  1. Sauté and purée for tomato butter.
  2. Cut into wedges and finish with mint for tomato, melon and charred pepper salad.
  3. Halve and toss with capers and olives for a quick pasta sauce.
  4. Slice and build a sandwich with daikon radish and jalapeño mayonnaise.
  5. Chop and mix in arugula and blue cheese for a fast salsa to serve with steak.
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