Chipotle-And-Cilantro Corn Tortillas Recipe

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Recipe adapted from Olivia Dupin, "The Complete Guide to Naturally Gluten-Free Foods" (Fair Winds Press)

Handmade Chipotle-And-Cilantro Corn Tortillas
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Handmade corn tortillas flecked wit chipotle and cilantro blow store-bought versions away.
Prep Time
Cook Time
Total time: 1 hour
  • 1¾ cups masa harina
  • 1 cup plus 3 tablespoons lukewarm water
  • 1 tablespoon finely chopped cilantro
  • ½ chipotle chile in adobo sauce, finely chopped, plus 2 tablespoons of the adobo sauce
  • Pinch kosher salt
  1. Add all the ingredients to a large bowl and use a wooden spoon to stir to combine. Turn the dough out onto a work surface and knead the dough until it is soft, smooth and no longer sticky, about 30 seconds. Shape the dough into a 14-inch-long log that's about 2 inches wide. Slice crosswise into fourteen 1-inch lengths, then roll each into a ball. Set on a rimmed baking sheet and cover with a damp kitchen towel to prevent the dough from drying out.
  2. Cut two 6-inch circles from a heavy-duty resealable plastic bag. If you don't have a tortilla press, set one of the plastic circles on a flat work surface and place a ball of the masa dough in the center of the circle. Use the palm of your hand to lightly flatten the round, then top the masa disk with the second plastic circle. Use a rolling pin to roll the dough into a flat, 5-inch round tortilla. (If you are using a tortilla press: Slice a heavy-duty resealable plastic bag open, lay one side over the bottom half of the tortilla press, and place a ball of the masa dough in the center. Cover the masa ball with the other half of the plastic bag and close the press to flatten the dough slightly. Open the press and rotate the dough and the plastic 180°, then press again to form a 5-inch round tortilla.) 3. Heat a medium cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat for 1 minute. Peel off the top piece of plastic from the tortilla, turn it over in your hand and peel off the second piece of plastic, then carefully place the tortilla in the hot skillet. Cook until the tortilla is dry around the edges and dark brown spots begin to appear on the bottom, 1 to 2 minutes. Use a spatula to flip the tortilla over and cook until the second side is golden and starts to blister, 1 to 2 minutes more. While the tortilla cooks, flatten another ball between the plastic circles.
  3. Transfer the cooked tortillas to a large plate and cover with a damp kitchen towel or paper towel. Cook the next tortilla, and once it's finished, place it directly on top of the first. Continue to cook the tortillas until they are all cooked. (The tortillas are brittle at first, but will become more soft and pliant as they sit.) Serve immediately. Calories per Tortilla: 50; Sodium: 35g; Total Carbohydrate: 11g; Fiber: 1g; Fat: .5g
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