Chilled Corn Soup Shooter

Sip a cool, light soup on hot summer days

This cool, creamy summer appetizer will kick your meal off on the right foot. Pro tip: Use the sweetest corn you can find.

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Chilled Corn Soup Shooter
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Learn how to make chilled corn soup for those hot summer days.
Prep Time
Cook Time
individual portions
Total time: 1 hour, 40 minutes
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  • :::For the Basil Oil:4 cups loosely packed basil leaves1 cup canola oilFor the Corn Soup:5 ears corn, kernels removed, cobs reserved and cut in half3 garlic cloves, smashed1 Parmesan rind (optional)2 bay leaves1 teaspoon whole black peppercorns8 cups waterKosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste2 tablespoons butter1 medium yellow onion, very thinly sliced1 teaspoon fresh lime juice⅓ cup toasted pine nuts, choppedFor the Truffled Crème Fraîche:1 cup crème fraîche2 teaspoons white truffle oilKosher salt, to taste:::
  • For the Basil Oil: 4 cups loosely packed basil leaves 1 cup canola oil For the Corn Soup: 5 ears corn, kernels removed, cobs reserved and cut in half 3 garlic cloves, smashed 1 Parmesan rind (optional) 2 bay leaves 1 teaspoon whole black peppercorns 8 cups water Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste 2 tablespoons butter 1 medium yellow onion, very thinly sliced 1 teaspoon fresh lime juice ⅓ cup toasted pine nuts, chopped For the Truffled Crème Fraîche: 1 cup crème fraîche 2 teaspoons white truffle oil Kosher salt, to taste
  1. Make the basil oil: Prepare an ice bath. Bring a medium pot of water to a boil. Add the basil and blanch for 10 to 15 seconds. Using a slotted spoon or strainer, remove the basil leaves and immediately transfer them to the prepared ice bath. Remove the basil from the ice bath and squeeze out any excess water. Transfer the basil to a blender and add the canola oil; blend on high until smooth.
  2. Make the corn soup: In a large pot, combine the corn cobs, garlic, Parmesan rind (if using), bay leaves and black peppercorns. Add the water and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer and cook until the flavors meld, 35 to 40 minutes. Strain through a fine-mesh strainer and discard the solids. Season the corn stock with salt and set aside.
  3. Return the pot back to the stove over medium heat. Add the butter. Once it begins to foam, add the onions and cook until they begin to soften and become translucent. Add the reserved corn kernels, season with salt and pepper and cook until the corn begins to soften, 2 to 3 minutes. Add the reserved stock, bring to a boil and cook until the corn is just tender, 10 to 15 minutes. Remove from the heat.
  4. Meanwhile, make the truffled crème fraîche: In a small mixing bowl, whisk together the crème fraîche and truffle oil. Season with salt and set aside.
  5. Using a slotted spoon and working in batches, transfer the corn kernels with just enough of the corn stock to cover the corn into a blender. Blend on high speed until completely smooth. Transfer the soup to a container, stir in the lime juice and season with salt and pepper. Chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours before serving.
  6. To serve, fill a shot glass with approximately 1 ounce of the soup, then top with a dollop of the truffled crème fraîche, pine nuts and a few drops of the basil oil.
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