Creative Coffee Recipes With Chameleon Cold Brew

Your new favorite cold brew stars in these standout summer recipes that go beyond the mug

Coffee has become such a part of your morning routine that you barely notice pouring that cup anymore (though you definitely notice if you skip it when running late). But there's no reason it should be used just to boost your energy for an early commute: Whether it's a pick-me-up before an afternoon meeting or an unexpected mixer for cocktails, you can (and should) enjoy coffee around the clock this summer, thanks to Chameleon Cold-Brew's versatile 32-ounce coffee concentrates and Ready to Enjoy 10-ounce bottles. It's all about the smooth and balanced flavor profile that comes from their meticulous brewing process, which starts with a quality blend of air-roasted organic arabica beans. That's also why this particular cold-brew coffee can go far beyond your morning cup—and these ideas prove it.

Smoothies with a Buzz

Think of this simple smoothie as a way to have a meal on the go—and a cup of coffee at the same time. By using Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee Concentrate in this Almond Butter & Banana Buzz Smoothie (get the recipe), that bold coffee flavor won't get drowned out by the creamy and nutty notes the other ingredients bring.

Caffeinated Condiments

You're used to using coffee grounds for steak rubs, so why not use Chameleon Cold-Brew to upgrade your sauce game? The result is Cold Brew BBQ Sauce: a little spicy, a little sweet and goes with virtually anything grilled.

Next-Level Lattes

The latest trend in lattes? Adaptogenics, add-in ingredients chosen for their promised calming effects. This Malted Mocha Frapp recipe uses CBD oil, one of the more famous adaptogens, to create a latte that helps take the edge off as you caffeinate. Or if you're feeling more adventurous with adaptogenic ingredients, opt for this Iced Rose Adaptogen Latte (get the recipe), which uses the herbal supplement ashwagandha for its purported stress-reducing properties. Coupled with beet root powder and a dried rose petal garnish, this is a latte that looks good and might make you feel great.

Decadent Desserts

Grab your skillet and a spoon for this ridiculously good dessert. This giant, gooey chocolate chip cookie (get the recipe) is perked up by a hint of Chameleon Cold-Brew Vanilla Coffee Concentrate, an ingredient that brings out the depth in chocolate and brown sugar without making a too-sweet dessert.

Happy Hour Hits

This inventive cocktail combines Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee with vodka and coffee liqueur for a rich flavor that's a step above the typical espresso martini, and a special simple syrup gives it a dramatic hue.